Crushing the Conventional

satori (suh-‘tohr-ee)

n., Japanese: sudden enlightenment

When animal rescuers, former flight attendants and opera singers collide, lightning strikes. The Satori team is more than the sum of our parts. We throttle the right brain into the left and fuse form into function. Our goals are big, our hearts are stubborn. With a diverse portfolio behind us, we thrive on impossible.

Any project. Any deadline. Any size.

Our different pasts provoke greatness, and reveal a creative edge that spikes through the everyday. We unite the analytical with the aesthetic, strategy with style. We reveal your voice and let your brand speak clearly.


Pay attention. Enlightenment waits.


Founder, CEO, and Yorkie FANATIC.

She’s a fan of the standard comma, but gave up that battle at the behest of The Whiz & Jenuwine. Born in St. Louis (go Cards!), raised in Austin, but an Aggie by choice. Marché is the lifeblood of Satori, and brings her intense love and devotion for customer service to the core of everything we do.


Rule-follower, futurist, and Millennial consultant.

A Classically trained singer gigging ‘round town, and occasionally makes iPad art. She’s a fierce believer that Sriracha makes everything taste better, and won’t hesitate to ask for it. Candace’s sometimes Pollyanna attitude and creative mindset helps take projects from A- to A+.


Rebel by nature, cat mom, vocab aficionado.

She’s frequently jamming out to triphop or electric country Christmas or something you’ve probably never heard of. Frequents NOLA or the beach when applicable. She can drink more whiskey than you. Jen’s free-spirited nature and critical eye has taken Satori to a new plane of consciousness.


Number cruncher, sometimes elf, and the original Yorkie enthusiast.

Lover of trains, specifically Kansas City Southern. One of Satori’s biggest fans, and has been here since the beginning.


Adopted dog-owner, adventuresome traveler, and total sweetheart.

You’ll try to be her best friend. One of the most creative minds you’ll ever meet, you know her brain just works differently than yours. There’s a little piece of Karen in every project she pumps out, which is what makes it so extraordinary and unlike any other.


Classic-car collector, Manhattan/Old Fashioned authority, and artisanal craftsman.

Native Houstonian, and firm lover of the culture of this city. Gentlemanly and handy, Stencel reminds you of the Lincoln Room in the White House, but without the pretension or velvet. His passion for craft and desire to become the best at something always helps us achieve greatness.


Cool dad, reformed biker. Turns around work so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Definitely not the loudest person in the room, but funny as all get out. He’s probably sworn-off moonshine until the end of time—you should ask him about it. Monty’s can-do and speedster mindset keeps Satori from ever blowing a deadline.


Father of two and a non-Apple-user

(we forgive him). Outside of web stuff, you might find him making mugs. A lucky man, as his lot in life is to be surrounded by beautiful women. Troy’s ability to problem-solve and expertise in the field makes him an irrefutable asset to the team.